Wrist  Pain

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Treating Wrist Pain and Injuries with Orthopedic Wrist Specialist, Pasadena, CA

It is difficult to understand how much you depend on your wrist joint until it begins causing you pain or doesn't work as it should. Everything from allowing your fingers to grasp, to bending with the right range of motion to support weight (think of doing a push-up), to typing at a computer--all of these are made more difficult when your wrist doesn't function properly.

Dr. Annette Billings is a hand and upper-extremity specialist who is trained and experienced in treating wrist injuries and other causes of wrist pain. She is among the top orthopedic doctors and surgeons in the Pasadena area. She combines a passion for detail with technical expertise, sincere compassion, and personalized patient care. If you have an issue with your wrist, she is the doctor to call.

Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Wrist Pain from Orthopedic Surgeon

Some of the common causes and treatments of wrist pain that Dr. Billings can address include:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is ubiquitous and occurs from a myriad of causes. There are several possible treatment options.  

Sports Injuries of the Wrist: Besides a household fall, sports injuries are some of the more common ways that wrists are acutely injured. There are many sports injuries that Dr. Billings treats related to the wrist.

Wrist Fractures: Some broken wrists require surgery to repair and some do not. That's a careful judgement to be made between a patient and an expert doctor. This is where a consultation with Dr. Billings comes in.

Tendinitis: Tendinitis is another condition that causes pain in the wrist that may or may not require surgery to correct. Dr. Billings is well-versed in wrist tendinitis surgery and when it is or is not appropriate.

Ligament Injuries:  Ligaments are very strong structures that link the bones in your hand and wrist.  When ligaments are torn or injured, pain and dysfunction result.  But there are viable treatment options.  

Arthritis When ligaments are unknowingly damaged, the alignment of the small bones in your wrist are affected.  Over time, this causes the joint to wear out, and pain and dysfunction occur.  This, along with normal wear and tear arthritis, can be treated.  Pain can be relieved and function improved.

Whether you broke your wrist on a slide into second base or you have a job that requires you to use your wrist in a way that is causing you pain, Dr. Annette Billings is here to listen and help you find a wrist pain solution. To schedule an appointment for diagnosis and treatment, call 626-517-0022 or contact us today.
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