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Because Dr. Annette Billings is an orthopedic surgeon, she treats osteoarthritis (OA), one of the more common among the many different forms of arthritis. In the United States, the CDC estimates that 33 million adults are affected by OA, meaning Dr. Billings' orthopedic services  are definitely needed.

While OA is neither preventable nor curable, there are treatments at every stage of development that can help reduce or alleviate symptoms.
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Signs, Stages, and Symptoms of Osteoarthritis (OA) for Treatment by Orthopedist

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, meaning it happens to all of us. It is marked by the degeneration of cartilage in joints throughout the body. OA can be roughly categorized into four levels of degeneration.

The four stages of osteoarthritis severity are:

Stage 1 - Minor
Most people in the minor stage of OA aren't aware they have it. It is marked by very little pain and the earliest stages of joint degeneration can be subtle.

Stage 2 - Mild
The differentiating factor of mild arthritis is the start of pain and mild deformity.  When cartilage wears out, it can be painful, and you will notice your joints don’t look like they used to.  Bone spur growth may begin along with joint stiffness and joint swelling.

Stage 3 - Moderate
Cartilage degeneration increases in this stage, increasing deformity and joint pain.  You may also notice increasingly limited motion or tight joints.

Stage 4 - Severe
At this stage, there is no cartilage remaining in the affected joint.  Function is compromised and pain may be debilitating.

Depending on which stage you are at and how long you have been there, Dr. Billings can discuss the options available to you for treatment. Treatment ranges from anti-inflammatory medication to surgical reconstruction.

If you're one of the millions of Americans struggling with daily life because of hand pain and joint swelling, it's time to take a step toward healing by making an appointment with Dr. Billings. 

She can examine the areas giving you the most trouble and work with you to develop a patient care plan that you are comfortable with and that will be most successful. To get started with Dr. Billings, call 626-517-0022 or contact us