Trigger Finger

What Is Trigger Finger, Thumb? Diagnosis From a Hand Orthopedist, Pasadena, CA

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Have you ever encountered a stubborn door that seems like it's stuck, but after pulling several times and in just the right way, it pops right open? Trigger Finger is a bit like that. 

Trigger Finger is the common term for stenosing tenosynovitis, and it refers to a condition where a tendon in your finger or thumb becomes inflamed enough to be pinched tight by the tough, fibrous sheath that surrounds it. You may find your finger snaps back into a bent position or, after being stuck in a bent position, snaps free to straighten. The ability to move your finger smoothly and at will has been compromised.

An orthopedic hand specialist and surgeon like Dr. Annette Billings is exactly the kind of orthopedic doctor you want to see if you have symptoms of a trigger finger. She has the knowledge, experience, and detailed techniques necessary to diagnose and treat the trigger finger to help you recover your range of motion and reduce pain in your hand and fingers.
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Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Trigger Finger Tendinitis: Relief for Hand Pain

Once you've experienced this finger stiffness and locking up, or you also notice tenderness or swelling in the palm where the affected finger connects, it's time to start considering treatment.
Treatment for Trigger Finger (another form of tendinitis),may include:
  • Rest. Rest allows reduced swelling therefore reducing the other symptoms.
  • Splinting. A trigger finger splint can help you keep from locking your finger in a bent position. 
  • Steroid injections. Steroid injections are very helpful in alleviating the inflammatory reaction.  When the inflammation is alleviated, pain and dysfunction are also alleviated.
  • Trigger Finger release surgery. If your trigger finger recurs after a steroid injection, it is best to release the tough fibrous sheath at the base of your finger.

If you have a trigger finger (or thumb)  Dr. Annette Billings is an exceptional choice for an orthopedist to help you resolve pain and regain normal function. If you'd like to start reaping those benefits today, call 626-517-0022 or contact us to make an appointment.