Hand  Injuries

Treating Hand Pain and Injuries with a Hand Pain Specialist, Pasadena, CA

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When you've sustained an injury to the hand, it's important to get expert care as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the greater the chances of having long-term consequences of the injury in one of the most used, most intricate parts of your musculoskeletal system.  

Dr. Annette Billings is a hand injury specialist and surgeon who can provide the prompt care you need to help a hand injury heal properly and as quickly as possible. The sooner you enlist her help, the better.
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Types of Hand Injuries to be Assessed by Hand Orthopedic Specialist, Surgeon

Broken hands can happen in many ways, but they are all marked by moderate to severe pain, pain that worsens when using the hand, swelling, and bruising. Some fractures are visible to the naked eye, but many require medical imaging and a hand doctor's analysis to diagnose and treat.
Tendons connect bones to muscles. When any one of them becomes inflamed, either due to repetitive use or due to a one-time, acute injury, they need attention to prevent further damage and long-term sequela.
Like tendinitis, a hand strain affects tendons and muscles in your hand. A strain is a tendon injury that is more likely to occur in a one-time event than over time. This may happen if you catch a ball wrong while playing sports or if you awkwardly try to catch a heavy falling object during a household chore.
The difference between a strain and a sprain is that a strain deals with tendons and muscles while a sprain deals with ligaments. Ligaments connect bones to bones. Hand sprains are most likely to occur as a result of a fall.
When the two bones that meet at a joint are forced out of alignment, this is a dislocation. If the dislocation is not properly reduced (put back in place), the tendons and ligaments associated with the joint may also be further affected and cause a permanent malformation of the joint.
We don't usually think of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as an injury, but the median nerve may be affected by other injuries to the hand and wrist – causing acute carpal tunnel syndrome. See our Carpal Tunnel page for more information.
As in acute carpal tunnel syndrome, nerves may be affected by inflammation caused by other injuries to the hand and wrist, or by direct injury.  
When a hand is injured with a sharp object, many vital structures may be affected.  Repair of lacerated structures is vital to restore proper function.
There is a broad range of other hand conditions and injuries that Dr. Billings treats that can be reviewed on our Orthopedic Services page or Hand Pain page. Both can give you a better picture of the many ways Dr. Billings can offer orthopedic treatment.

If you live in the Pasadena, Glendale, San Gabriel area and you've injured your hand and are ready to take the first steps towards healing and reducing pain, call 626-517-0022 or contact us today to make an appointment. Orthopedic Doctor Annette Billings is here to help.